Return to Workplace Practical Guide During and Beyond COVID-19

AXA Asia - Return to Workplace Practical Guide During and Beyond COVID-19


Introduction: What will the Transition Back to the Office Look Like?

Section One – Workplace Management

1. Handwashing 2. Regular Disinfection of Common Areas 3. The Socially-Distanced Workspace 4. Split Team Working Arrangements 5. Wearing Masks to Reduce Virus Spread 6. Travel and Self-Quarantine 7. Try to Keep as Much of the Workspace and Operations Familiar 8. Being a Leader, Whatever Your Job-Title

Section Two – Physical Health

1. Creating a New Routine for Your Working Day 2. Exercising When Back at Work 3. Exercising with Liverpool Football Club

Section Three – Mental Health

1. Creating Shared Value 2. Online and Self-Help Tools

Section Four – Practical Resources

1. Five Online Resources that May Help Reduce Stress 2. Mindfulness Exercises 3. Podcasts to Begin – or Close - Your Day

Section Five – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Have We Flattened the Curve Yet? 2. How Do I Look After My Mask? 3. I’m Supposed to be Back in the Workplace, But My Kids (and Parents)are Still at Home? 4. What is the Role of Telehealth in Returning to the Workplace? 5. Why is a Smile Better Rather than a Hug?

Conclusion: Every Little Action Helps

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