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Return to Workplace Practical Guide During and Beyond COVID-19

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Every Little Action Helps

We close this guide by posing a question to us all - how can we all help our local communities and, in doing so, help the world recover from COVID-19? We can’t all be medics, transportation drivers and IT experts. But we have other skills – physical and mental.

Volunteer professional or amateur skills. We can volunteer to help organisations with their day-to-day work, so they can concentrate on making the world healthy again.

Share the money. Maybe you used to do all your food shopping in one supermarket? Now we can consciously shop in three or four places, dividing our spending among different retailers, small and large – so everyone can benefit. This applies equally to office or work supplies as it does to our personal budgets.

These ideas aren’t new, and they’re certainly not scientifically tested, but they “feel” right. So, they have a third benefit, making us feel healthy in spirit.

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